Become active in Seestadt and join us in working towards a fair future for all people.


Bild: (C) Josef Laimer, CC BY 2.0 

What we stand for

Theory and Practice

Whether it’s a community reading circle or a charity neighborhood event – we believe in both. Social events with meaning are just as vital to us as discussion and educational evenings.

Solidarity over Division

We refuse to be played off against each other. Division—be it by gender or by origin—only serves those in power. That’s why solidarity, internationalism, anti-racism, and feminism matter to us.

From Small to Large

Even if changing the world may be our ultimate goal: change often starts on a small scale. We therefore want to work for improvements in our community here in Seestadt.

How much can be achieved at local level? Look, for example, at the years of tireless and successful work of Andreas Babler, mayor of Traiskirchen.

Principles over Positions

We engage in politics because we want to make the world fairer, more peaceful, and more sustainable. Our focus is on positive change, not on simply filling positions.

Discussion and Democracy

Intra-party democracy is important to us. We regularly meet together to discuss and align our fundamental positions. Additionally, we also have organizational and content related debates online to address and clarify specific details.

Join us in supporting freedom, equality, justice and solidarity for all people, regardless of gender, origin and financial situation.